December 9th, 2018


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“By Your Side.”

Lindsey and Mitchell said "I do" at Bridle Oaks in Deland Florida. They had the sweetest love - there was such a peace that surrounded the whole day as they promised forever to each other with all of their loved ones to witness. It started off with rain as the girls got ready in a white house on the site of the ceremony. There were many moments of laughter and reminiscent songs played.

Hunter - Mitchell's son stood with his dad and officially new mother at the alter, there were tears as Lindsey claimed to both the men in her life - "Whatever life throws at us - I know I will always be by your side." Not gonna lie - I did tear up at that moment.

One of my favorite parts of the day were the first dances! You could tell that Mitchell and Lindsey had slow danced many times before and it was fun to watch all of their favorite people on-look with big smiles and teary eyes. Overall - I'm so thankful that I got to go back to my hometown to capture this authentic and beautiful story.

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