July 13th, 2019


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“Dad, I am so glad you found your forever


The first thing I noticed about Susie and Ross was their shared love for Maddie, the part of the picture that made this wedding day complete. Maddie is Ross’ daughter and now Susie’s step daughter. At the ceremony she dreamed aloud of traveling together as a family and spending quality time all together. I must admit the tears in my own eyes started welling up, hearing her speak to the two of them.

The second thing that really made me laugh was Ross had ran a 5k the morning of the wedding…very casual. Ross and his closest mates got ready at a nearby country club. They reminisced on family stories over drinks and appetizers. Meanwhile, Susie and Maddie had a quiet morning to themselves at the Four Seasons overlooking the Atlanta skyline.

The night ended at the top of Ponce City Market. The jazz band and sweet words of advice from Susie’s dad stuck out the most. Her dad passed down a piece of advice that he was given to him on his wedding day: “Never go to bed angry at each other.” He also joked about Ross’ British edict, “You can now call me Hank and call her Pam instead of Mr. and Mrs. Fellows.”

Half of the guests were speaking in British accents while the other, American. This story was shown in such a special way at the end of the night when two lines were made holding their county flags as Susie + Ross ran through. They had brought everyone together to celebrate such a sweet love story.

P.S. Barb and I crashed their after party and had a BLAST!