September 2nd, 2018




Two Souls, Perfect Timing

Kecia + Keith’s Day started out with their closest friends and family. There was a certain peace in each of their rooms that I hadn’t really felt before - they both we’re overjoyed with excitement but at the same time the day brought no nerves. Laughter filled the room while Kecia got her make up done, her mother right by her side reminiscing memories from when Kecia was young. While Kecia was getting ready Keith and his closest friend - Marshell shared special words of wisdom and sweet gifts. They had spent much time together overseas while they were diploid and had dreamed of this day when Keith would find his soulmate.

“It’s about being the best version of yourself, there is nothing more important than making the most of the opportunities that are given to you. You have a tremendous opportunity sitting in front of you, my brother.” - Marshell.

The sweet moments continued as the day went on, as Kecia walked down the aisle, Keith teared up as well as many loved ones in the audience. People had traveled from all over the country to witness this moment.

The night ended with a packed dance floor and soulful music.