May 5th 2018


Botanical Garden + High School Sweethearts

I think my favorite part about Emily + Drew’s wedding was all the unexpected sentiment. There was a story of rich family, sweet friends and a constant love. 

Emily + Drew had been dating for 15 years before this day, they had moved across the country together from Atlanta to Venice and now were returning to the city they fell in love to celebrate forever. 

The day began at Sugar Magnolia Bed and Breakfast - A place Emily’s family had grown up. There was such a beautiful story behind every single gift, speech or note that was written.  It was Emily’s first look gift to Drew - a family heirloom that had been passed down. It was in the long and heartfelt notes that Drew wrote to Emily’s whole family. It was the personalized song that Emily’s dad composed just for her walk down the aisle. Him playing the piano for Emily + Drew’s first dance. It was the tie that he wore that Emily had made for him when she was a little girl. 

The goosebumps were contagious the entire day as we witnessed these high school sweethearts vow forever in front of their favorite people.