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Summer 2019


Ebb + Flow Co believes that a wedding isn't just a day - it's a season. It's the sound of a knee falling in an unexpected place, it's the sweetest moment when you get to say, "YES" to forever. The look on your mother when she sees you try on your favorite dress, it's the way you and your best gals reminisce on cringe worthy eyebrow phases and even cringy-er boy phases. It's the seemingly mundane and the anticipation leading up to the day you say "I DO." It's the Proposal + Dress Shopping + Showers + Rehearsal +Wedding.

Just like a wedding isn't just a day neither is a birth, graduation or adoption, they are all a collection of moments: the belly-ache laughter and wonders of what your child will look like, the excitement when you share the news for the first time with family + friends and the friends that you have grown up with that will stand by your side the day you walk across the stage. 

We don't underestimate the in-betweens and the right they have to be apart of your documented story.  A celebrated milestone isn't just a destination, it's all the mundanities and in-betweens leading up to it. Our packages will include a collection of films - chapters of the moments you cherish most.

Examples coming soon, contact us to learn more!  



If a picture can say a thousand words then a moving one can say a lot more. Imagine a picture where everything was still but the way your dress blew in the wind. Maybe it's the ocean in the background as you and your lover stand still in a moment that felt like it lasted forever. Let's capture the external motion of the moment + the internal stillness of the emotions you feel.

Examples coming soon - contact us to learn more about cinemagraphs and how they could tell your story well. 

Stop Motion

Stop Motion is a fun way for us to narrate your story. These films are animated pictures - still photos that are taken in a sequence to create movement. 

Examples coming soon - contact us to learn more about how we can do stop motion at your event.