I'm a Georgia gal, a spontaneous traveler, an artist, a lover of french fries + sometimes a filmmaker too. I'm constantly on the look for a different perspective. Whether it was chasing my favorite bands around at Warped Tour for an interview, recording my friends + I doing a choreographed dance or working on the set of a reality TV show - unveiling a person's story through a lens is something that I became fascinated with pretty early on.  

Capturing candid light, movement + emotion is something I like to chase  after everyday and being able to document the imperfects and authentic moments in someone’s life is where I find that purpose. 



I'm an idealist, a Florida native, a doodler, a storyteller + sometimes a filmmaker too. I'll always believe in grand romantic gestures and writing feelings down in pen. I take videos of things I love and order chicken when I really want steak. I laugh loud just like my mom. I'll always prefer ketchup over mustard and I hate listening to a song all the way through.

For me, wedding films are like my favorite coffee house, a place where so many of my passions get to meet. My hopeless romantic side gets to meet the part of me that loves to document. My love for people meets my dream of capturing their beauty and emotions. The storyteller in me gets to see the world in beginnings, middles + ends.